“What the Health” movie claims


Netflix documentary “What the Health”, released in March 2017, has already caused plenty of controversy.

The following claims of the veganism – promoting movie have been the most discussed so far:

  • eating one egg a day – is as harmful for one’s health, as smoking five cigarettes
  • 70% of deaths are lifestyle-relates, therefore – preventable
  • one serving of processed meat per day increases one’s chance of developing diabetes by 51%
  • within minutes of eating dead meat, human body gets a burst of inflammation, stiffening or paralysing arteries
  • the leading source of sodium in the American diet – is chicken consumption. same with cholesterol
  • the leading source of saturated fat in the American diet – is dairy
  • toxins from the oceans & seas bio-accumulate in fish
  • there is a strong link between dairy and auto-immune diseases
  • most of the people are actually lactose intolerant
  • dairy consumption is leading to many types of cancer
  • 450 different types of drugs are administered to dairy cows in the US
  • 80% of the antibiotics produced in the US are being sold to animal agriculture
  • meal plan recommended by the American Diabetes Association – implies the foods associated with causing diabetes
  •  and so on, and so forth..

Cogi Tat advise (if you’re interested):  do watch the movie, do your own research.

Those who were right – will enjoy their good health and retirement to the fullest. The others – will have to deal with the consequence and will die suffering.



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